About us

Opus was formed in 2012 by 3 longtime passionate car collectors who decided to join forces to extend their reach. Together, they total about a century of collecting experience and have developed a network of knowledgeable and trustworthy specialist advisors who assist them in maintaining what has become the Opus collection.

The collection is quite versatile but is based on the most stringent criteria in terms of history, rarity, originality and condition.

Opus is constantly working on expanding and upgrading its collection. Should you have a car you feel Opus could be the right home for, please contact us. We commit to an engaging conversation about our shared passion, but above all to the utmost discretion and integrity, as well as celerity in execution.

Please note that we are interested not only in acquisitions but also in the occasional exchange or sale in view of an upgrade.

Occasionally, some cars from the Opus collection may come up for sale; they either haven’t found a permanent place in the collection, or are leaving it to provide space for a more recent acquisition.

They will be listed on the relevant section of this website, together with the other cars that are offered for sale. Over time, Opus has indeed developed a trading activity in which we apply the same stringent selection criteria as for the collection. Finally, we assist fellow collectors in the management of their own collection by offering international sourcing, valuation and brokerage services.